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Brief Introduction to Hengyang

Hengyang is located at the south of Hengshan Mountain, "The south of the mountain and the north of water" called Yang,hence the name.It is also known as the "Wild Goose City". This is because during the winter, geese fly from the northern cities to Hengyang to perch on Huiyan Peak in order to survive the colder northern winter.

Hengyang has a rich and ancient history with great cultural heritage, superior geographic location, perfect infrastructure and exceptional rich natural resources . Since ancient times, numerous talents have come from Hengyang and made great contributions:

? the world's first inventor of paper, Cai Lun,

? the famous Chinese philosopher ,Wang Fuzhi (Wang Chuanshan)

? Qing Dynasty prime minister and the secretary of the Grand Council Chen Dashou

? Scholar Peng Yulin, who one of the Top 4 Ministers in Qing Dynasty and the founder of the modern Chinese navy, and the chief of the Xiang Army

In addition, Shigu Academy – one of the most famous and ancient academies in ancient China .

Hengyang covers a total area of 15,310 square kilometers and is the second largest city in Hunan Province . It includes 5 counties,2 prefecture-level cities and 5 districts with a total population of 7 million people. It plays a leading role in Hunan province because of its advantageous location. It takes only two hours by high speed train to arrive at Guangzhou , the center of Southern China, and half an hour to Changsha , the capital city of Hunan Province . Since ancient times, Hengyang has been a major commercial center. It also has an excellent transportation system. The mineral resources in Hengyang have played a great role in its development, both at home and abroad.

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