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Undergraduate Programs

School of Mechanical Engineering

Material Shaping and Control

Mechanism Design, Manufacturing and Automation

Metal Material Engineering

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Automobile Service Engineering


School of Safety and Environmental Engineering

Safety Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Logistics Engineering


School of Material Science and Chemical Engineering

Inorganic Nonmetal Material Engineering

Chemical Engineering and Technology

Polymer Material and Engineering


School of Computer and Information Science

Computer Science and Technology

Information and Computing Science

Network Engineering

Software Engineering

Thing Networking Engineering


School of Electrical and Information Engineering

Electrical Engineering and Automation


Electronic and Information Engineering

Communication Engineering


School of Economics and Management

Business Administration

International Economics and Trade


Logistics Management

Hotel Management


School of Architectural Engineering and Artistic Design


Civil Engineering

Industrial Design

Construction Management

Construction Cost


School of Foreign Language Studies



Business English



School of Mathematical Science and Energy Engineering

Materials Physics

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